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Unbeatable natural environment

Wagyu beef first arrived in Chile in the year 1999, when 50 pure embryos where successfully imported to the country. Along with these embryos, 150 doses of semen where also brought to the country, obtaining as a result one the most important genetic bases for this bovine outside Japan.

Mollendo's cattle grow in the south of Chile between the VIII and X regions, where the land excels in its unbeatable environmental, sanitary and geographic conditions.

The Andes, the Atacama's desert and the Pacific Ocean provide to the Chilean territory with great geographic isolation, protecting it from pests and diseases such as “mad cow's disease” and FMD (foot and mouth disease), among others. Even more, climatic conditions enable high quality production of grain such as corn, barley, and wheat, thus assuring the best feeding supply for the cattle.

Chile's natural environment allows Wagyu cattle to grow in conditions very similar to those found in Japan, its country of origin, where it is considered to be a national treasure.