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Agrícola Mollendo

Agrícola Mollendo S.A. is a Chilean company founded in 2002. It is located near Los Ángeles, capitol of the Biobío Province in the VIII Region of Chile. Ever since its establishment, all the company's efforts have been focused on the production and distribution of Wagyu beef, a premium product obtained under the highest quality standards, designed to satisfy consumers from the most refined markets around the globe.

The company is property of the Gras family. This family group has also a wide participation in the construction and real estate business, engineering projects, aquaculture and wine industry. A consolidated, wide-trajectory group of management professionals provides to the most demanding costumers with the support necessary to offer innovation and excellence.

A concern for environmental protection is strongly present in our company. The Mollendo's feedlot has been granted with the approval of Environmental Practices (COREMA, certificate 023, March 30, 2009) and it is properly certified by the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service (Servicio Agrícola Ganadero de Chile, SAG). It is important to mention that all of our lands are under PABCO-A certification (Plantel de Animal bajo Control Oficial – i.e. Animal Farm under Official Control).

Cabe destacar, que todos nuestros campos están bajo la certificación PABCO A (Plantel de Animal bajo Control Oficial).

PABCO is created through the Official Resolution 43 of November 29 of 2004, when diverse modifications take place and the new Animal Farms under Official Control Program is established. In this way, bovine PABCO is defined as a “farm properly authorized to export livestock products, more specifically meat”. Three PABCO levels were established according to the requirements of our destination countries: PABCO level C (low requirement level); PABCO level B (intermediate level) and PABCO level A (high requirement level); “the resolution of these agreements came into force on January 1st 2005, effective throughout the country except on the XI Region territory where the agreement was validated on November 10th 2004”.

PABCO level A: individual traceability of origin, use of anabolic agents and poultry by-products in feeding are not allowed.
PABCO level B: traceability at herd-of-origin level, use of anabolic agents is accepted.
PABCO level C: without specific requirements.

See PABCO definition. Ayuda