About Mollendo

Chilean Origin

Mollendo livestock is raised in the South of Chile from the 8th to the 10th Regions. These regions are highly distinguished for their superb enviromental, their geographic, and sanitary conditions.

The Best Breeds

Agrícola Mollendo produces beef from the best breeds. The Wagyu breed, of Japanese origin, is renowned as the best beef in the world, producing cuts of high value in terms of color, juiciness and marbling. The Aberdeen Angus breed, of Scottish origin, produces premium quality beef due to its maximum consistency, juiciness, tenderness and flavor.

Diet and Nutrition of our cattle

The animals are born and raised on our prairies in the South of Chile. Later, they are maintained in our Feedlot, where there are fed a complete and balanced diet that includes protein, fiber, and energy (100% natural diet).

  • Our History
  • We are Experts

Our History

Agrícola Mollendo S.A. is a Chilean company founded in 2002. It is located in the Los Angeles zone of the 8th region of Chile. From the start, Mollendo has focused all of their efforts towards the production and distribution of high end beef. Our work began with the breeding and production of Wagyu beef and, in 2002, a second breed of cattle was added: Aberdeen Angus. Our facility operates under strict quality standards, which allows us to satisfy our customers from the most sophisticated markets around the world. 


Company Vision


Our company will be recognized as a world-class producer of preimum beef, providing variety and excellent quality to sophisticated markets around the world. 


Company Mission


Production of unique quality, under the most rigorous international production standards, and of great value to our clients. 


We are Experts

Agrícola Mollendo produces world-class beef under the most rigorous international production standards, distinguishing ourselves by providing great value and experience to our clients.


We have top of the line technonlogy and high-level facilities that ensure a quality product that is second to none.


Strict control in all of our production processes, from genetics to deboning and classification, along with a specially balanced diet, allows us to guarantee the traceability of our product and reaching the most stringent international markets.


All of our cattle is raised and fed naturally in Chile, free of hormones and steroids.



Mollendo is retires from Wagyu Chile

Mollendo is retired from Wagyu Chile.


Standards for Wagyu Beef Exports

Mollendo and Fundación Chile set the local standards for the production of exportation-quality Wagyu beef.


Production Burgers and Churrascos Wagyu

Molendo starts production of Wagyu Burgers and Churrascos.


Launch of our BlackBeef Brand

Mollendo launched the BlackBeef brand in the market. A new line of gourmet beef products from British breeds.


Business with the European Union

Mollendo concrete business with U.E.


Mollendo Crianza Begins

Mollendo Crianza begins.


Mollendo inaugurates facilities in El Fundo Los Tayos Panguipulli sector

Agrícola Mollendo, the largest producer of Wagyu beef in Chile, opened their new facilities in Los Tayos ranch. With the incorporation of this new 620-hectare property, located in the Panguipulli zone, production of Wagyu calves has grown by approximately 900 heads annually.


High Quality Beef Certification

Agrícola Mollendo sends the first group of Wagyu cows awarded the High Quality Beef (HQB) product certification to their destination in Switzerland - meeting all the requirements of the Swiss Market. Mollendo sent 30 Wagyu cows under 30 months old, fed a nutritionally balanced, high-energy diet containing no less than 70% grain and at least 9.2 kilos of total feed per day as a base. They were fed 15 kilos a day on average.


Challenges of Mollendo to 2021

Consolidate as the largest referent of premium meats nationwide. Increase our portfolio to new export markets. Consistent growth in quantity and quality in our Wagyu and Angus product lines. Consolidation of new markets by partners who feel the same passion for high quality products.